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“Rachel has an in depth knowledge of anatomy and her detailed and precise method makes me feel totally at ease and in safe hands”


Rachel's story...

My fitness journey began in 1999, after qualifying as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. After teaching years of high-impact classes, I began experiencing problems with my back. It was then I was advised by a Physiotherapist to look into Pilates classes.


At the time, Pilates was relatively new in the UK and after much research I began my training in 2001. I became a qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor and then went on to complete courses in back pain, Pre and Post-Natal Pilates, Classical Pilates and Osteoporosis with Body Control Pilates. In 2007, I studied with Polestar Pilates on all studio equipment. My training has also included courses on Myofascial Release, functional training, Pilates, and Sports Therapy.

After completing my training, I set up and went on to run a successful Pilates studio for 10 years in my home town of York. It was wonderful to be part of my clients’ journeys; watching them feeling empowered again to live fulfilled lives, and the significant improvements they achieved through Pilates.


Focused Pilates movements strengthen the body from its core. These strength building benefits are the focus of our sessions, and are integral to improving muscle balance, posture, flexibility and condition. Connecting with the powerful deep abdominal muscles, core-strength can be restored and in-turn physical ability and overall wellbeing improved.


Part of my work involves collaboration with local Osteopaths and Chiropractors to help rehabilitate their patients in a Pilates setting. In 2011, I had the opportunity to move to Sweden where I set up a fully equipped Pilates studio. My clients included an elite football team, cross country skiers, and along with a trip to Canada, I worked with the Canadian Biathlon team. I also continued to offer Matwork classes and one-to-one private tuition for clients; some of whom are still my clients to this day through sessions I run via Zoom.


My passion for learning has continued to grow over the many years I have been teaching. I have been lucky enough to have travelled globally to train with the best Pilates and Movement Educators in the world. Vital learnings I incorporate into my sessions to this day.


Fundamentally, I am fascinated by the body, and movement. My passion is to help people move better in their own bodies, by giving them the encouragement and guidance to improve how they move.


I am delighted to own a beautiful Pilates studio in Brighton, East Sussex, and would love to welcome you there, on the deck at Rockwater, or via one of my zoom classes. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me.


Connect. Strengthen. Restore. 

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